Funeral Financing

For most people a relative's death is both unforeseen and surprising. Mostly, there have been made no provisions. We offer a Funeral Finance, which helps the bereaved to commission a graceful funeral beyond any fears of exorbitant costs. We offer you 5 alternative opportunities of finance:

  • prolonged time for payment of 21 days (without any additional costs)
  • payment by instalments of 3 months (one-time arrangement fee of 20,00 €)
  • payment by instalments of 6 months (one-time arrangement fee of 40,00 €)
  • payment by instalments of 9 months (one-time arrangement fee of 60,00 €)
  • payment by instalments of 12 months (one-time arrangement fee of 80,00 €)

24-Stunden-Hotline: 0800 66 49 323


„Was man tief in seinem
Herzen besitzt kann man
nicht durch den Tod verlieren.“

* * *
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
We dont let you stay alone with your teariness and counsel at no charge 24 hours day and night:
0800 66 49 323

Cremation starts at € 999,-

Dignity does not need to be expensive .