The oldest type of funeral

An inhumation is a burial of the deceased in a grave. In Germany it is to distinguish between a religious and a secular funeral. A religious funeral is derived from the early funeral types of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There are several regulations for an inhumation. they especially concern the depth in which the coffin is buried. Additionally, there are limitations for the resting time, which may differ from each German Federal Country and depend on the condition of the soil.

Behaviour and rules

The inhumation is a type of funeral, where specific behaviours and rules are mostly kept without any verbal agreement. These may differ considerably from each religion and country. In Germany, inhumations have to be arranged within eight days after death or at the earliest 48 hours after death. This, for example, is not possible for muslims, who bury the deceased the day after his or her death. Of course, there are exceptions possible after verbal agreements with the involved. Clothing is chosen in accordance with this occasion.

  • After the ceremony, the coffin is brought to the grave. The speaker goes ahead and the relatives follow.
  • At the grave, the minister, priest or speaker holds a speech.
  • The coffin bearer lower the coffin to the soil with the use of ropes, afterwards they pull them out.
  • The mourners walk past the grave.

Although the above-mentioned procedural method is very likely, it is not the only one. We would kindly advise you, in case of any ideas or wishes.

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