Cremation means burning the deceased to ashes in a crematory.

The cremation of a deceased body is both known and common in many cultures.

Nowadays, more than 50 percent of all burials are cremations in the mayor cities of Germany. Its increasing number within the last decades is due to its favourable prices compared to a grave . Aesthetical and sanitarily reasons also play a role. Compared to decomposition of a corpse in the soil a cremation is considered as “clean”.

In Germany, a special permission is needed for cremation. There may not be any doubts of the identity and the cause of death of the deceased, because an exhumation after the cremation is impossible. Due to this, the death is testified a second time by a public health officer or a coroner at the crematory before the cremation, which is generally done within two days.

The body of the deceased is burned to ashes together with the coffin in a crematory. Therefore only special coffins without any screws are used. A numbered firebrick is put in or on the coffin and guarantees the classification of the ashes. The capacity of furnaces in a crematory is only for one coffin at a time.

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