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Question: Do I need a written order if I want to be buried in a particular way after my death?

Answer: In case of a normal burial or cremation, you only need to inform your family. If you decide to be buried in another way, the regulations differ in each Federal State of Germany. A written order is not mandatory but it is advised in any case; it does not take much of your time but it is safer.

Question: Is it true that in an urn is only one shovel of ashes which contains a mixture of several, cremated deceased?

Answer:No, this is only a rumor. The ashes inside the urn are mostly the decedent's ashes including his or her coffin. However, very little amounts of ashes from other deceased may be inside.

Question: Is it true that the body straightens up during the cremation process?

Answer: That is a rumor, too. The body does not move at all.

Question: Is it allowed to dress the deceased in his or her own clothes in the case of a cremation?

Answer: In most cases it is not allowed because the clothes may contain unknown chemicals and thus a environmentally safe cremation can not be assured. In our crematorium, however, it is possible because we have modern filters installed.

Question: What measures are taken to ensure that the ashes are not mixed up?

Answer: Apart from a meticolous accounting during the whole cremation process, a tag with an engraved number is put into the coffin which does not burn up and undoubtedly identifies the ashes.

Question:What happens to bones which have not decomposed completely after cremation?

Answer: The bones remain either in the former grave or are buried in a separate place on the cemetery.

Question: What happens to the urn after the ashes interment?

Answer: Urns that are buried have to be biodegradable in general, so that the ashes are returned to the soil. However, this differs in each Federal State of Germany.

Question: Does the urn also decompose in a columbarium?

Answer: No, they do not. Depending on the size of the chamber the ashes are either stored in special capsules in which the ashes are sent from the crematorium or cinerary urns made of non-decomposable material can be used.

Question:What happens to the ashes afterwards?

Answer:The ashes are scattered on a separate field on the cemetery or buried.

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