On our pages you will find detailed information about burials. We are a reputive funeral parlour and give you individual advise at tranparent costs. On the next few pages you will have the opportunity to gain a better impression of us and our services.

There are certainly a multitude of funeral parlours in Germany, but only the minority of them explains all the possible types of burials in detail on their homepage. We are able to acquaint you with different types of burials which are less known as e. g. mountain pastures, mountain streams or Cryonics, as well as information about inexpensive burials, e.g. for an unmarked grave.

Hier einige Impressionen der Ruhewälder

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„Was man tief in seinem
Herzen besitzt kann man
nicht durch den Tod verlieren.“

* * *
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
We dont let you stay alone with your teariness and counsel at no charge 24 hours day and night:
0800 66 49 323

Cremation starts at € 999,-

Dignity does not need to be expensive .