With the use of cryonics it is possible to bridge the waiting period until the discovery of eternal health and beauty. Cryonics is the low-temperature preservation of humans including their memory and DNA until science has found a way to resuscitate the patient in the future.

What is Cryonics?

Cryonics is the process in which the body is cooled to the temperature of liquid nitrogen, which is -196°C, immediately after his or her death. Its purpose is to prevent its decomposition and to make the resuscitation of the body possible in the future.

Cryonics has been offered in the United States since 1967. And since 2001 there has been a huge improvement in the area of cryopreservation. Due to this new method, called vitrification, preserving several organs by cooling succeeds without any damage by freezing. Ever since that discovery cryonics is witnessing a massive boom in the US.

Cryonics in Germany

Germans adopted cryonics many years ago for the purpose of reproductive medicine and storage of organs for transplantations. In the area of in vitro vertilisation the embryo has been preserved in liquid nitrogen for years. Even after a long period of time it is possible to reanimate empryos succesfully and transplant them into an human uterus.

Presently, in Germany both preperation and storage of bodies into adequate containers are regulated by law. The decedent's blood has to be replaced with a special kind of cooling fluid. In a very complex procedure the decedent is cooled cautiously to the temperature of liquid nitrogen afterwards and storaged in a cotainer made from stainless steel.

Unfortunately, in Germany a decedent has to be either buried or cremated. A long-run storage of preserved decedents in Germany is not permitted yet. Therefore we transfer the decedents, who have been preserved in Germany, to Michigan, USA.

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