In Germany, "Modern Embalming" or practised thanatology is a relatively new type of funeral, whereas abroad it has already been practised succesfully for decades.

The main aspect of practised thanatology is to clean and dress the deceased, in order to enable a farewell of the relatives to him or her in front of an open coffin. It's aim is also to make the relationship between the death and the alive more human.

Modern Embalming, also known as practised thanatology, is a discrete type of cleaning and dressing the deseased sanitarily for an open laying-out, a temporary preservation. This is practised even under extreme circumstances e.g. without cooling.
Physicians, psychologists, theologians and therapists refer to scientific studies which prove that the main aspect of each bereavement process is the cognisant perception of the loss. Especially in an unexpected bereavement, full cognition is necessary to realise what had happened, before a bereavement process can begin.
Psychologists refer to three pictures, which are necessary to accept death and to process it successfully. The first picture is the one of the alive and vital human. The second picture is the one of the sick and the suffering human. The third picture is the one of the deceased and the redeemed human.

In this context it becomes clear how fatal the following comment is: "It's better if the coffin remains closed." But it is also fatal if the deceased makes an "cruel" impression. This is the case if the deceased is layed out with open eyes and an open mouth, unwashed hair, sweated skin and unshaved.

This is the point where the practising thanatologist starts to work. He or she provides a neat, natural appearance of the deceased. In this way, relatives can pay tribute to the deceased. In Germany, practised thanatology is mostly offered by well-educated funeral directors. Of course, we may offer you this type of funeral nationwide.

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„Was man tief in seinem
Herzen besitzt kann man
nicht durch den Tod verlieren.“

* * *
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
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