Checklist in case of a bereavement

At first, a certified doctor will confirm death in writing.
Thereafter you should contact us inmediately:
Tel: 0800 66 49 323
In a personal conversation we will inform you about the following procedure.

The following documents are needed:

  • ID or Passport of the deceased
  • Cerfificate of Birth
  • Certificate of Marriage or Family Register
  • if widowed, a Certificate of Death is needed
  • if divorced, a Certificate of Divorce and a Family Register are needed
  • Chip card of Health Insurance
  • Death Benefit Insurance or Life Insurance Policy
  • Grave Certificate, if existing

We are delighted to assist you in obtaining missing documents.

Other things that have to be in mind:

  • contact the lessor if the hiring contract of a flat is to be canceled
  • inform the water and electricity supplier, GEZ, the telephone provider, as well as the insurance company
  • Health Insurance and Pension Insurance need to be informed
  • contact the employer of the deceased
  • filing an application for a heir's certificate at the local court
  • quitting memberships in clubs and trade unions

24-Stunden-Hotline: 0800 66 49 323


„Die Bande der Liebe werden mit dem Tod nicht durchschnitten.“
* * *
(Thomas Mann)
We dont let you stay alone with your teariness and counsel at no charge 24 hours day and night:
0800 66 49 323

Cremation starts at € 999,-

Dignity does not need to be expensive .