Funeral services

A funeral service does not always have to take place in a church or chapel. Due to our cooperation with the exclusive hotel Motzen we are able to offer you a different kind of funeral service, which is characterised by a special atmosphere and elegance.

Remembrance ceremony for a deceased

The expression “secular funeral service“ means the remembrance ceremony of a deceased before his or her burrial which does not include the features of a religious funeral service. It includes the non-religious needs and ideas of life of the deceased and/or the relatives. However, it follows the aspects of a funeral sermon and an obituary.

The main aspect of a secular funeral service is to remember the life of the deceased, his or her personality and character. Therefore an important element of a funeral service is the funeral sermon. The sermon describes the life and work of the deceased.

The choice of symbols for a secular funeral service is free of any liturgical instructions. The only limitations are the location, its authorities and their guidelines. We kindly assist you in the choice of symbols. Compared to a religious funeral service, which wants to give concolation, the secular funeral service is a form of coping with grief – it is a ritual for saying goodbye to people which is individally organised for all relatives, including their desire for experiencing and planing it together.

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„Es sind die Lebenden, die den Toten die Augen schließen. Es sind die Toten, die den Lebenden die Augen öffnen.“
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