This type of burial means the cremation of the deceased in a coffin. Afterwards the ashes are filled into a cinerary urn. The are two types of funeral services:

  • Funeral service beside the coffin and ashes interment afterwards
  • Funeral service beside the cinerary urn and ashes interment afterwards

The costs for a cremation may vary depending on the choice of the urn grave. You can choose the following:

  • community amenity for urns
  • grave
  • urn grave – for one or two urns

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„Der Friede der Wellen des Meeres sei sein,
Der Friede des Fließens der Lüfte sei sein,
Der Friede der ruhigen Erde sei sein,
Der Friede der leuchtenden Sterne sei sein,
Der Friede der nächtlichen Schatten
sei sein,
Mond und Sterne mögen ihm immer leuchten.“

* * *
(Alter Gällischer Segen)
We dont let you stay alone with your teariness and counsel at no charge 24 hours day and night:
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Cremation starts at € 999,-

Dignity does not need to be expensive .