In the year 2004 the death benefit was cancelled by the State without substitution. Therefore, private provisions for the own funeral are more necessary than ever. If the deceased did not make any provisions, the relatives have to pay all the arising costs.

We offer you an individual solution:

It is possible to make a provisionary contract for the funeral, in which your choices for the cemetery, ceremony and tombstone are set.

There is the opportunity to pay all the costs in advance or in installments. You will only pay for services you have chosen.

We will kindly inform you in detail about the whole procedure. Contact us for further information and an individual offer. We will also kindly inform you about a funeral costs insurance.

24-hours counsel: 0800 66 49 323

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„Was man tief in seinem
Herzen besitzt kann man
nicht durch den Tod verlieren.“

* * *
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
We dont let you stay alone with your teariness and counsel at no charge 24 hours day and night:
0800 66 49 323

Cremation starts at € 999,-

Dignity does not need to be expensive .